Technical Writing

My technical writings (1986-2001) include radar research reports for the FAA (on Airport Runway Safety, Air Traffic Control Radar System evaluations, lighting systems, airport signage), training documents, user manuals, off-line help manuals, technical white papers. I’ve also generated web literature, prepared technical proposals, and written human factors questionnaires for air traffic controllers and pilots.

Selected Technical Publications (Co-author and/or Editor)

  • LORAN-C Performance Study User Manual, 9/96 [SDC-TSC-MA-86-16xx-000-00]
  • AWOS Data Acquisition System (ADAS) System Specification, 1/88 [UNISYS-TSC-MA-1661-000-01]
  • Frequency/Time Domain Tests for Microwave Landing System Precision Distance Measuring Equipment, 8/89 [DOT-TSC-FA9G4-89-17]
  • FAA Loran Early Implementation Project , 3/90 [DOT-TSC-FAA-90-1]
  • Trip Emission Factors for Major US Urban Areas, Based on Results of 1990 Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey (NPTS), 7/94 [U. Mass/Amherst for FHA]

Low-Cost ASDE Evaluation Reports

  • Raytheon Marine (Phase I) Radar at MKE (ARPAM3450/18CPX-19), 6/96 [DOT-VNTSC-FAA-96-9.1]
  • MKE ASDE-X Operation Suitability Test Plan and Engineering Evaluation, 1/97
  • Raytheon ASDE-X (Phase II) Radar at MKE (M3625/18CPX-12), 7/97 [DOT-VNTSC-FAA-97-14]
  • El-Ar ADSR Radar at SLC , 9/98*
  • AMASS and MKE (Phase III) ASDE-X: A Comparative Analysis, 9/98*
  • DE RAPSODIE Radar at ORF, 7/99*

* not published due to proprietary nature of contents.

Awards and Honors

  • Volpe Group Achievement Award: National Field Office for Loran Data Support, 12/92
  • DOT FAA National Airspace Achievement Award, DTS-502, 1997
  • Volpe TEAM (Tutoring, Education & Mentoring) Effort, Certificates of Appreciation (1995-8)
  • Volpe Group Achievement Award: Low-Cost Airport Surface Radar Evaluation Team, 12/98